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Beauty Counter: Leaders Labotica True Nature Sheet Masks (UPDATED)

Having good skin is kind of a big deal!

Therefore, all skincare masks (especially sheet masks) are not created equal! Let me say that again in all caps for the people in the back, “ALL SHEET MASK ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL”! The serums, essences, fibers, and all the things that go into the mask make a considerable difference in the mask’s quality and end result!

Another essential call out that I must mention is, you can get good sheet masks at every price point. Keep in mind you do get what you pay for in most cases- sales, cutting out the middle man, and several other factors can change this a bit.

Last year when I was shopping on the Nordstrom Rack website, I came across Labotica True Nature Brightening Mask on sale. Since I use a sheet mask almost every day and have heard good things about this brand, I decided to give them a try. A week later, I was contacted by Leaders (this was completely random) to try out this same sheet mask and the other three in the line.

Leader Sheet Masks in Grren Tea, Damask Rose, Coconut and Hibiscus
An assortment of Leaders Skincare Sheet Mask

Here are the details…

They are made using 100% natural, high-quality cotton fibers that retain serum 13x greater than its weight. Each biodegradable cotton sheet mask is drenched in a full bottle of skin-soothing serum and fits all face shapes pretty well. The mask is paraben, alcohol, and fragrance-free, which is terrific for folks with sensitive skin or that are allergic to paraben and fragrances.

 Something worth noting is the concentration of key ingredients is very lite; upon further research, they are using what would be more of an essence (much less potent than a serum) with each mask. Which didn’t bother, because my skin enjoyed the mask, and the value price tag is in line with the ingredients list? 

The Mask…

Labotica True Nature Brightening Mask

It has Rosa Damascena Flower extract, which is known as a potent antioxidant. It also gives the skin incredible brightening and moisturizing effects, while leaving the skin supple and dewy. 

Labotica True Pore Clearing Mask

To soothe and purify your pores; The Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract soothes and purifies your pores. That translates to refined and tighten pore. 

Labotica True Nature Moisturizing Mask

This mask star ingredient is Coconut Fruit extract. It promotes oil-moisturized and balanced skin while providing an excellent moisturizing effect, which makes the skin feel soft and silky.

True Nature Revitalizing Mask

If I had to pick a favorite, this one was it! The Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower extract gave me that healthier skin look. My skin felt hydrated and more bouncy. 

If you are looking for an affordably priced sheet mask option that gets the job done, this is a good one to give a try. Do you currently use sheet masks? If so, list your favorite brands below. 

PRO TIP: If you need your makeup to look flawless, use a sheet mask right before applying it. 

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Until soon…Toodles

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